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Good Morning T.U.B Readers, I'm happy and glad to be posting this Article for your reading pleasure at this time.

Google has released official Android 7.0 Nougat! Lots of new features and changes including multi-window!

Here is a video reviewing the latest update to the Android OS. Kindly Watch and Enjoy!

These are my questions
» Are you Satisfied with this new Google OS Updates???
» Are you going to Upgrade to this New Android OS???
» Do you think Google has Up their game on this new Android Nougat 7.0 OS ???

Let's have your views on our Comment section below.

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TASEUPDATES.COM also known as T.U.B is a blog created and designed by TASE. We're into Tutorials,Celeb Gist,Tech and Many More.

Good day everyone, I'm back again with this great comparison article concerning this two awesome mobile phones.

A lot has been said about this two powerful product which are the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Mobile and the Blackberry Priv Device. Some few Months back this Companies have released some out-of-this-world-tech devices which I think is great for End-Users , I posted an Article about the Blackberry DTek50 Device , you might wanna check that Out. I also made an Article on the New Samsung Note 7 Device with awesome features, you might also wanna check that out.

Lemme lay one Confession here and now, I happen to be a BIG Blackberry fan most esp. Blackberry Priv Fan but when I found out about this Comparison, I'm like "Blackberry Messed Up" but anyways, I'm still a Blackberry Fan tho. Lolol...

So Without wasting much time , lets move into our Comparison part. So the way I'm gonna be posting this Article is, Samsung Vs Blackberry, that's how you're gonna see it in my comparison. Let's go...

You Might also wanna Check Out The New Samsung Galaxy C5 and Samsung Galaxy C7, Awesome Devices.


22 Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is better than BlackBerry Priv

- Higher Battery Capacity (3600 mAh vs. 3410 mAh)
- Longer Talk Time (33 hours vs. 15 hours)
- Larger Camera Lens Apertures (f/1.7 vs. f/2.2)
- Clearer Front Camera (5 megapixel vs. 2 megapixel)
- Bluetooth Newer Version (4.2 vs. 4.1)
- Supported Dual Sim (Supported in some models vs. Not Supported)
- OTG Supported (Yes vs. No)
- Barometer Sensor (Yes vs. No)
- Fingerprint ID Sensor (Yes vs. No)
- Heart Rate Monitor Sensor (Yes vs. No)
- Faster CPU Speed (2.3 Ghz vs. 1.8 Ghz)
- Better Processor Cores (Octa Core vs. Hexa Core)
- More RAM (4 GB vs. 3 GB)
- More Ram Options (4 GB vs. 3 GB)
- Thinner (7.7 mm vs. 9.4 mm)
- Lighter (157 grams vs. 192 grams)
- Bigger Screen Size (5.5 inch vs. 5.4 inch)
- Most recent Release Date (March 2016 vs. November 2015)
- Dustproof (Yes vs. No)
- Water Resistant (Yes vs. No)
- Waterproof (Yes vs. No)
- Higher CNET Rating (5 vs. 3.5)

So Compare and Contrast, Which would you still prefer?
Let's have your thoughts on our Comment section below 👇👇👇

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Morning Everyone, here is another update from Google.

Well,it seems like Google Allo will feature some very sexually-suggestive stickers and (more importantly) it’ll let you delete individual messages.

Google announced Allo and Duo a few months ago, and Duo – the video calling app – has been pretty successful since its launch. Allo is Google’s new messaging app that is expected to launch very soon, and the folks at T.U.B got to play around with it. And it seems like Google has some very cheeky stickers in store for us. To see all the screenshots, scroll down 👇

There are 24 additional packs available in different styles and from different designers. As far as we can tell, there doesn't seem to be a way to add your own sticker packs from a URL or a Zip file, but that may or may not change in the future.

You can download as many packs as you'd like and rearrange them to show up in the order that you prefer under "My Stickers."

As you can see, you probably won’t have trouble expressing yourself with Google Allo’s stickers. On the one hand, we have all the familiar cute animal stickers. On the other hand, we have Julio the Bull, a “suave seducer,” who seems to love touching his nipples and showing off his bubble-butt. He asks, “Who’s your daddy?” LOL.

We also have a yellow bean with a condom over its head that urges you to “Rubber up!” While it’s good to see Google promoting safe sex, we’d be curious to see if Google implements a parental control option to restrict some of the more suggestive stickers from showing up.

More importantly though, Google Allo will let you delete individual messages, a feature that is absent on Google Hangouts. This simply means that you will have an option to delete individual messages in a chat thread on your end only. Once the message is sent, you cannot unsend it.

I’m not sure why Google Hangouts doesn’t have the option, but it’s definitely good to see that it’s available on Allo, at least for now. Of course, things could change until the final release, but it’s a sign that Google is at least considering including the option.

What are your thoughts on the Allo stickers? Cheeky or inappropriate? Let us know in the comments below!

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Few months ago, Samsung Unleashed the new Galaxy C series. The Galaxy C5 and C7 were mid-range, metal-clad smartphones destined for the Chinese market, with fairly respectable specs for the prices. It now looks like that wasn’t all to the Galaxy C story this year. Samsung is allegedly preparing another tier up – the Galaxy C9.

This report came via SamMobile, which states that its ‘insiders’ revealed that Samsung is working on a new phone codenamed ‘Amy’ and with a model number SM-C9000, suggesting the Galaxy C9. Unfortunately, there were no other details shared, such as any specs or what the phone will look like.

We can infer, based on the C5 and C7, that the C9 will be metal-built and will be better spec’d than the C7. The C7 packed a 5.7” 1080p AMOLED display, Snapdragon 625 chipset, and 3,300 mAh battery, while the C5 was not too far behind with a 5.2” 1080p AMOLED display, Snapdragon 617 chipset, and 2,600 mAh battery. Both phones have rounded, uni-body metal construction, 4GB of RAM, and 32/64GB storage options. We can speculate that if the pattern continues, the Galaxy C9 may have a 6” or larger screen, Snapdragon 650-series chipset, and battery capacity closer to 4,000 mAh.

Additionally, there’s nothing to indicate that the Galaxy C9 will launch anywhere other than China (the C5 and C7 are still only sold there). Stay tuned for more information on the new Galaxy C entry as we’re able to scoop up more.

From SamMobile

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Now you can Search and download subtitles for your movies and TV shows in just 2 clicks. Wondering how to do this ? Then scroll down to see what you've been Missing.

I bring to you SubLoader Android App. This application scans your phone for video files and allows you to search and download subtitles for any selected video.

  * List the videos found in your phone
  * Filter on selected folders or on the whole sdcard

  * Multiple video formats supported
  * Search for subtitles on, and

  * Search for multiple languages at the same time (45 languages supported)
  * Search for Perfect Match subtitles
  * Download subtitles and pair them with the video file
  * Launch the video with the downloaded subtitles in one click
  * Rename the video for more accurate search results

Now, you can actually Search and download subtitles for your movies and TV shows in just 2 clicks.

TASEUPDATES.COM also known as T.U.B is a blog created and designed by TASE. We're into Tutorials,Celeb Gist,Tech and Many More.

Good Afternoon from this Part of the World. I'm so sorry for not been able to Update you guys for a while now.,it cos I'm still working on my pc view of this Blog , so Bear with Me.

Yeah.,about this article, there has been a fuzz about this new APN On Glo network this is really Blazing with Maximum Speed with no disconnection issues. So let's get on wif it


First, text "PAYU" to 127.

You will receive a reply that you are using data as Pay As U Go to browse.

>>   Rooted/unrooted Android phone.
>>    Your Glo sim with 0.00 balance and no data
>>    Strong 3G network on your Glo sim.
>>   Psiphon VPN Android app


APN: glo3gvideo
APN Type: Tick Default & Supl
Proxy: Empty
Port: Empty
Username and password: Empty

Download Psiphon Pro Lite Handler HERE.

Now Configure your vpn as follows

Launch the Psiphon vpn app you downloaded

Tick Remove Port
Proxy type: Dual Real Host
Proxy server:
Real proxy type: HTTP
Real proxy server: leave it blank
Real proxy port: 80

Now tap on Save

Goto Option => More Options and Untick all boxes there

Now go back

Select Region as United States or United Kingdom and tap on connect.

It will connect within 1 to 5mins. After it has connected.

You can start blazing and downloading like kilode!!!


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In three weeks from now, on September 6, LG will officially showcase the V20, a brand new smartphone that the company seems to be very proud of. While LG hasn't shared specific details regarding the release of the V20, it's probably safe to assume that the handset will be available in the US via at least two or three major carriers (just like its predecessor, the LG V10). According to a recent rumor, T-Mobile is one of the carriers that's getting ready to sell the V20.

Over the weekend, an alleged T-Mobile insider took to Reddit to reveal that the magenta carrier is planning to accept pre-orders for the LG V20 starting September 14. The new smartphone could be launched on September 23, though this release date isn't final and could change. Reportedly, T-Mobile's LG V20 is priced at $650 off contract, and folks who pre-order it will receive some interesting bonuses, including an extra battery, an "enhanced hand grip", and a "memory module attachment." The last two mysterious items sustain the idea that the V20 borrows from the modular design of the G5 (these leaked LG V20 renders suggest exactly the same thing). There should also be a T-Mobile exclusive bonus package comprised of 1 year of free Hulu subscription, plus 3 free Vudu rentals.

Naturally, at the moment, there is no way to confirm the info discovered on Reddit. However, LG itself said that the V20 would start shipping "in the third quarter" (thus at the end of September the latest), so a September 23 release date would fit the company's plans.

The LG V20 will be the world's first smartphone to run Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, likely being powered by a Snapdragon 820 processor, and sporting a Quad HD screen of at least 5.5 inches. The handset should also feature a secondary ticker screen, a single front-facing camera, a dual rear camera, and a fingerprint sensor (on the back).

If it turns out that the LG V20 does cost $650 and comes with attractive bonuses, do you think you'll want to buy it?

LG V20 renders

1. LG V20 render by @OnLeaks and Android Authority

2. LG V20 render by @OnLeaks and Android Authority

3. LG V20 render by @OnLeaks and Android Authority

4. LG V20 render by @OnLeaks and Android Authority

5. LG V20 render by @OnLeaks and Android Authority

6. LG V20 render by @OnLeaks and Android Authority


TASEUPDATES.COM also known as T.U.B is a blog created and designed by TASE. We're into Tutorials,Celeb Gist,Tech and Many More.

If you're a regular user of the dedicated YouTube Music app, you're probably accustomed to updates that add fairly non-obvious changes. The latest update includes a hidden gem that makes the offline mixtape feature considerably more useful. According to an official changelog posted late last night, we should also see screen rotation, but it seems that didn't actually make it into this release. As usual, there's a download link at the bottom so you can skip Google's staged rollout.

What's New

Official Changelog:
New: more control over your offline mixtape! YouTube Red subscribers can swipe to remove songs from the offline playlist. New: Added support for using the app in landscape orientation. [Pending]

Delete from offline playlists

The Offline Mixtape is a neat way to quickly load up a few tracks for listening when you're going to head into places where data is non-existent or costly. However, it suffered from one notable problem: there was no way to fix bad picks. That's not going to be a problem anymore because users can now swipe away unwanted tracks to remove them from the playlist.

Swipes have to go from right-to-left and there aren't any visual signs that this gesture exists, so discoverability might be a problem After removing a track, its space in the list remains for a couple of seconds with a button to undo the action. A few minutes after removing a song, YouTube Music will fill in the set with enough songs to get back to the original count. In my experience, it usually took about 3 minutes before new tracks were downloaded. Your current total will be shown at the top of the list (pictured below).

There are still a few more improvements I would expect to see in the offline mixtape, particularly the ability to re-order the list, but many of these things will surely come around in future updates.

Update: Evidently, this feature is tied to a staged rollout, so even with the latest update, you may not see it working right away. – Thanks, yochanan.

Landscape orientation

If you've been following along with YouTube's other purpose-specific app, Gaming, you may have noticed that support for landscape orientation was added just last week. An official changelog on the Play Store claims the same feature was added to YouTube Music with this update. As it turns out, this is an error.

To be specific, the changelog is referring to the main screen that shows up when the app is opened, and possibly some of the secondary screens like offline mixtape. There are already a couple of screen that have always supported rotation, including the music player and settings.

It's likely there was a mix-up with the builds and a small change was left out. We'll probably see another update roll out in the next few days with rotation support.


The APK is signed by Google and upgrades your existing app. The cryptographic signature guarantees that the file is safe to install and was not tampered with in any way. Rather than wait for Google to push this download to your devices, which can take days, download and install it just like any other APK.

Version: 1.38.4

APK Mirror

TASEUPDATES.COM also known as T.U.B is a blog created and designed by TASE. We're into Tutorials,Celeb Gist,Tech and Many More.

If you haven't heard of the Google wear "Together" before..,then let me give you some insight that will trill you..

‘Together’ is a watch face that allowed you to send messages to others using the same watch face. That's not all... It allows you to send little drawings and emoji to your friends or loved ones for instant communication.

Recently. A new update to the Android Wear companion app confirms that Google will cease to continue service of the “Together” feature which was only out for almost a year. The feature will no longer work after September 30 as Google mentions in a pop up message. This is kinda Sad tho, but thats not all. They also mention that The features will not be completely removed!

Android Wear 2.0 will bring more interactive watch faces with communication features like ‘Together’ so the original watch face is no longer needed and will be removed out of redundancy.

ain't that Nice!!!

TASEUPDATES.COM also known as T.U.B is a blog created and designed by TASE. We're into Tutorials,Celeb Gist,Tech and Many More.

Hi Everyone., how are you guys doing today. As you've read the topic, you already know what this Article is talking about, so let's go there!

Last time I checked, I posted a Similar Article on how to Browse on Glo fo free with a Stable Settings but it didn't last for long cos it was still disconnecting!

But right now , I'm happy to tell you that I've gotten a More suitable and convenient settings to Stabilize your Connection. So I'm gonna be posting the Settings + screenshots to backup all the rubbish I've been saying.. Lolol!!! 😁😁😁


ME: Good Question!

Goto your Settings and Configure a new Profile as shown below

APN» glosecure

Save it!


ME: Yes, you are going to be using a vpn which is called Psiphon A + pro


ME: Very nice question!

Now the process is very Simple , all you have to do is to follow my screenshots carefully and you're done!

You can download the Psiphon A + Pro from here.

After downloading the vpn app as prescribed above.

Launch the VPN App

Tick ✅ Remove Port


PROXY SERVER» or (the two servers works perfectly)



Then Click on Save!

HINT » Now, if you are running the app for the first time, after clicking on the Save button , you'll see a first-time pop up instructions.,just click on Tunnel Whole Device

Let's Move On

Set REGION » Best Performance 

Then Connect and Start Surfing without any disconnection issues.


ME: For all I know..,it hasn't disconnected for Me cos I've been Using it since Morning and up till now.,it hasn't disconnected!


ME: Yeah., I almost forgot, there's one disadvantage tho and you might not like it...
I noticed that this New Settings takes up to 10 - 15mins to Connect, but when it does..,the rest is history!


ME: Uuurrhhmmm,for now , I can't say. I'll  advice you to use this wisely and Enjoy it while it last!